The Technology

Creating the Compact

Giving shape to the Compact required a lot of accurate and creative engineering. The generation and management of ozone and other oxidizing gases are a coherent part of the design at INFUSER. Producing powerful oxidants while using less space and energy, is central to any INFUSER solution and design. In many cases, the objective is to produce a steady and controlled amount of ozone, while still keeping the generator lightweight and mobile. This is achieved by applying powerful generator technologies in combination with tailored steering systems.

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Ozone naturally occurs in our environment and in the air, typically created in the troposphere, where oxygen (O2) and pollutants (Nox) in the air reacts with sunlight to form the ozone gas (O3). The Compact are imitating this process to create a controlled amount of Ozone in the duct. Ozone is a powerful oxidant and after reacting with the pollutants such as grease, oils and scent particles that are extracted through the ventilation hood, the ozone breaks down these unwanted molecules while leaving no harmful chemicals or compounds behind.

The continuous diffusion of ozone keeps the duct free from grease, odours and other organic compounds.
As a powerful oxidant, ozone is also able to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, and thereby prevent the build-up of such pathogens.

Buildup of grease in the ventilation systems of commercial kitchen ducting imposes significant fire risks and requires frequent cleaning. The resulting bad smell can also represent a real problem for restaurants in residential areas.

The most Compact ozone generator on the market

The heart of the INFUSER solution is the ozone generator. It produces a high quality ozone gas despite its very compact size and uses nothing but electricity to produce ozone from the oxygen generator. Installation and handling of the generator is quick and easy, and its user-friendly design and components make for minimal servicing needs.

The generator is an all-in-one unit. It integrates a compressor and an oxygen concentrator that will create 95% pure oxygen (O2) from the ambient air. From this oxygen, ozone (O3) is produced by using a dielectric barrier discharge. There is no need for other devices to produce the ozone.

The concept

INFUSER has recently developed a package-solution for kitchen exhausts. This solution removes both grease in the ventilation duct and reduces odour. The system is based on injecting the right amount of ozone (O3), a highly effective oxidising agent, into the ventilation duct using INFUSER’s specially designed compact ozone generators and monitoring technologies. The ozone gas spreads evenly in the whole extraction duct and reaches areas that normally are hard to reach through manual cleaning. INFUSER offers a high-performing system that is compact, easy to install and operate and needing only minimal maintenance. The system does not require expensive consumables that need frequent replacement. It provides a solution for the commercial kitchen owner or operator that is economically sound and environmentally friendly.

A solution easy to implement

The INFUSER solution is provided as a package with all necessary parts included. The system is easily implemented in both new and old kitchens. Once installed, the ozone gas is diffused on a continuous basis in the kitchen duct. The system automatically turns on and off with the ventilation system, thereby cleaning only when needed. This can be done by connecting the system to the central PLC of the ventilation or by using flow-sensors.

Advanced cleaning solutions on the market

Compared to other ozone generators and UV technologies, The Compact is the most efficient, safe and economical solution for ventilation systems in commercial kitchens. The compact requires way less maintenance than the alternative solutions and are much safer to use.
If you are already using other ozone generators for your ventilation, make sure it complies with the latest standards, just like Compact, to avoid bi-production of NOx and corrosion of the duct in your kitchen.

– Compact, The best solution for ventilation and duct cleaning on the market

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