The most COMPACT ozone generator in the market

Giving shape to the COMPACT required a lot of accurate and creative engineering. The production and management of ozone together with other oxidizing gases are always part of the design at STERISAFE ApS.

Producing powerful oxidants, while using less space and energy, is central to any STERISAFE ApS solution and design. In many cases, the objective is to produce a steady and controlled amount of ozone, while still keeping the generator lightweight and mobile. This is achieved by applying powerful generator technologies in combination with tailored steering systems.

COMPACT is a preventive measure not a cleaning tool

When restaurants need to clean their ventilation hoods and duct systems, they do so to remove accumulated grease and dirt. This method is costly, time consuming and extensive. If restaurants neglect their ventilation systems by not cleaning them, it can pose significant risks of fire hazard and bad smell. A poorly managed exhaust system can also result in decreased performance of the ventilation hood and induce unnecessary costs. The Compact, tackles the problem at its roots, by preventing grease and dirt from accumulating in the first place. What The Compact is doing in silence, while a kitchen is busy, are to maintain the ventilation system for you and terminate the need for manual cleaning.
The COMPACT is proven to increase the performance of ventilation systems while generating cost savings.

STERISAFE’s generators are installed at more than 500 locations across Europe. New products are constantly being developed and new sites are being explored by the company to expand its reach.


The COMPACT is an easy to install, complete
plug&play solution. It does not require any extra-feature, such as water cooling because everything is included within its well thought out design
At STERISAFE ApS good quality is not a luxury, but inherent to what we offer. The COMPACT with its low-cost maintenance is a competitive product in the market.
Safety is guaranteed by the safety sensor which will detect when the ozone exceeds the maximum limit  in the environment.


  • Up to 20 grams of ozone production per hour
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Dielectric barrier discharge
  • Wall fixture mounting
  • Integrated air cooling
  • Standard electrical plug

The COMPACT has been engineered and designed for use in commercial kitchens.

Learn more about this application and how to easily reduce grease and smell in your kitchen duct.


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