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No matter the requirements, we have the right package solution for your kitchen.

We have created three packages that will ensure the most efficient air purification and decontamination of your ventilation systems for whichever performance capacity you need.

Interested in more information about the product, packages or prices? please do not hesitate to contact us directly or find a local distributor near you.

Compact ONY
Compact AGF
Compact AGD?


Our options for maintenance free duct decontamination


Package Mini is for the smaller commercial kitchens, and are compatible with airflows of up to 5000 m3/h. 

The package includes everything you need to get started including, instalment by our professional partners and the required training.

Despite its small size, this is an efficient and economical sound solution to keep your ventilation and ducts clean without having to move a finger!


The Compact classic is efficient for ventilation hoods with an airflow up to 10.000m3/h. 

The Compact-20 are capable of decontaminating multiple ducts at the same time, so whether you have one or two ducts it is easy to connect to function with both.

With its small size and minimalistic design, the Compact will always fit in even the smallest kitchens and will blend in with its surroundings even in open-kitchens. 


The Compact maxi are for the large kitchens with multiple ventilation hoods and are compatible with airflows of up to 20.000 m3/h!

The Compact maxi packages consist of two Compact-20’s ensuring that your kitchen will be equipped to handle the most demanding tasks.

Say goodbye to comprehensive manual maintenance and costly alternatives with the Compact maxi package.

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