Grease in ventilation ducts
are the main cause for odour
and risk of fire In commercial kitchens.

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Filthy extraction ducts poses unnecessaryrisks

Odour and Fire hazard in restaurants

When restaurant owners fail to keep extraction ducts clean, it can cause a substantial threat because of odour and fire hazards.

Every year thousands of complaints are filed by local residents against restaurant owners, due to odour from exhaust ducts. Depending on the type of restaurant, odours can be a serious source of nuisance in residential and surrounding areas. This is caused by filthy exhaust ducts.

Three important factors which influence the emission of odour in restaurants are; size of the cooking facility, type of food prepared and type of cooking appliances used.

The table below shows the odour concentration and grease content of fumes in different types of restaurants.

When contaminated air flows into the duct, some of the particles will stick to the inside. In time these particles will build up inside the duct and pose risk for odour emission and fire hazard. The table tells us that most restaurants needs to be aware of this issue.

Odour concentrationGrease content
Catering establishmentDescriptionLowModerateHighVery highLowModerateHighVery high
Tea shop
Pizza restaurantHerb
Most pubsFat
ChineseGinger, spices, oil
JapaneseSpices, oil
CantoneseSpices, oil
IndianSpices, oil
ThaiSpices, oil
VietnameseSpices, oil
Kebab housesFat, cooking meat
Fried chickenOil, cooking meat
Pubs (large turnover of deep-fried food)Oil, cooking meat
Fish and chipsOil
Fast food/burgerOil, cooking meat

From the table, it is also evident that most restaurants could emit moderate to high amounts of odour if the grease content in their exhaust ducts are not managed properly. However, proper management of your duct does not have to be expensive or time consuming. See here.

Ducts can pose more serious threats than odour

In most cases of fire in restaurants, it starts in the restaurant’s kitchen. All the elements that are required to start a fire are present: The ambient air contains oxygen, the cooking flame serves as the source of ignition, the grease and fat act as the fuel. Accumulation of fat in the duct system will tremendously increase the risk of fire. It is a major concern as the fire in the ducts reach temperature of 1000ºC and melts all the metal in the kitchen within minutes. The duct system is often inaccessible and this makes it even harder to stop. It can also result in loss of life. Large insurance payment will be required to recover from the damages. Statistically it takes a minimum of 6 months for a business to recover from fire damages.

The duct system of an average commercial kitchen will have to be cleaned once every 3 months. Cleaning the duct system is an unpleasant and expensive task. COMPACT helps in constantly cleaning the duct, reducing the grease, avoiding frequent cleaning and significantly lowering the risk of fire in the kitchen of the restaurant.



  • Grease gets accumulated in the duct
  • Odor comes out of the exhaust
  • This is a common issue faced by those in restaurant businesses all over the world


  • High risk of fire in the kitchen
  • Complaints from the neighbourhood, due to unpleasant stale odour
  • Frequent need of manual cleaning
  • Interruption of smooth functionality in the restaurant


  • Fire hazard reduced to almost zero
  • Significant drop in odour
  • Safe environment certification is a must to obtain good insurance coverage.
  • Prolongs life of the duct and the fan

Not mandatory, but necessary.

The Compact provides an all in one solution to odour and fire hazards

– No manual maintenance, no kitchen downtime

Want to hear more about what we can do to improve the performance and safety of your kitchen? Please do not hesitate to contact us. or fill in the quotation form below.

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