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Compliant duct cleaning systemEN 16282

How The Compact packages complies with the kitchen exhaust norm

The new standard have put strict rules to safe-guard against nitrogen oxide(NOx) and nitric acid (HNO3) build-up in the extract air. Indeed, air-fed ozone generators not only produces ozone by using the oxygen in the ambient air, but in the process also produces nitrogen oxide. By letting nitrogen pass through the ozone generation technology it leads to nitric acid formation.

The Compact has a built-in oxygen concentrator that only lets oxygen pass through the system which eliminates the hazard of nitrogen oxide production and tackles the issue at its roots.

Furthermore the EN 16282 standards demands strict quality requirements and further improved safety protocols.

Overview: EN 16282 standards

Requirements for purification technology

  • For safety reasons components in the air stream shall be capable of withstanding a constant temperature of at least 60 °C. Cooling may therefore be required of extracted air.

  • The installation shall be easy to access for the purposes of maintenance and cleaning work

  • Components in contact with ozone should be made in suitable materials

  • If ozone is released at ground level, concentrations shall be below the applicable limit values

  • If ozone sensors are used, they shall be labelled “OZONE SENSOR” and have a unique traceable calibration certificate

  • Connections between the ozone generator and the grease duct must be labelled “OZONE” every ten metres

New requirements for ozone generators

  • Installations, repair and maintenance shall be carried out by personnel trained by the manufacturer.

  • The ozone generator must only be operated when the exhaust fan is running

  • Suitable equipment, such as flow/pressure sensors, shall ensure that ozone is not released into the building. If the system sis equipped with a pressure sensor, it needs to be set up so that the ozone system is shut down should the pressure drop below 20 Pa

  • Inspection hatches on the grease duct mist carry a visible warning sign: ”WARNING – Ozone Treatment”


Prolong the lifetime of the duct
By installing Compact packages there are no NOx or HNO3 production deteriorating the duct.

Maintenance is easy
Compact is a mountable solution that is easily accessible and simple to service.

Quality matters
All our components and accessories are ozone resistant.

Keeps the Kitchen environment extra-safe
The package includes a calibrated and certified ozone sensor for peace of mind.

Skillful professional for optimal service
STERISAFE ApS distributes COMPACT in all the world, with fully trained partners.

Flow/Pressure sensors are installed in order to ensure that the generator is off when the exhaust fan is not running.

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