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About us

in 2012, Compact started as a spin off business from INFUSER.
INFUSER are specialists in automated air purification and disinfection technologies, based on atmospheric chemistry. We take pride in developing products which are completely free of chemicals. You can read more about INFUSER and the other products by clicking here.
The Compact team are focusing solely on ventilation solutions for commercial Kitchens. In doing so we strive to provide our clients with the best solution for automatic duct cleaning.

Who we are

Compact consist of an international team of dedicated scientists and professionals working together to create a safe and clean work environment for commercial kitchens. We are based in Denmark in the heart of Copenhagen Science City and are in close collaboration with both industry and universities.
Compact have its own lab and production facilities, to ensure tight control of our quality. We work to provide our clients with the best technology on the market, together with the  most competent service in collaboration with our distributors. 

Read more about our science on www.infuser.eu 

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