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Cost savings for aFast Food Chain

Reducing pressure loss and increasing lifetime on filters

This test was conducted in two restaurants sharing a duct extraction system of approximately 90 meters, with a volume of 30.000 m3/h. The system have three filter sections in this extraction unit, namely; grease trap filters, F7 pocket filters and carbon filters for deodorizing.
The restaurants are located in the biggest Railway Station in the Netherlands and the results illustrates how the Compact can reduce pressure loss on filters while prolonging their service life and reduce maintenance costs. The test were conducted by trained technicians from CJPG Technical Maintenance b.v.

Due to the large amount of grease in the extracted air, the pocket filters become full within a period of 7 to 10 days. The resistance began to increase, the filter function decreases and the suction capacity dropped tremendously.
According the to buildings management system, filters were required to be changed when 255 Pa across the filters was reached. In this specific case, this pressure difference was achieved in 14 days. which means a complete replacement of filters every second week. In addition the whole duct system had to be cleaned at least twice a year. The annual costs for such maintenance accumulated to around € 56.800.

Three Classic Packages with Compact-20 units

The Compact units were connected at multiple extraction points in both restaurants. One above a fryer hood and another above a broiler hood. Before the tests, hatches and filters were cleaned and replaced in order to see how the grease builds up without and with the Compact disinfection unit.

Test one – without the Compact solution

The initial test ran for two weeks, to measure the pressure loss on filters without the Compact unit connected.
The results showed continuous pressure drop. In just 12 days the pressure loss reached the 255 limit. Meaning that the service life of filters was just 12 days before needing replacement.


Test two – with the Compact solution

To second test, now measured the pressure loss on filters with the Compact unit working in place.
This time the results showed significantly less pressure drop by increasing the service life of filters.
The service life of filters after having connected the Compact unit to their ventilation system increased by 400%.
Going from a service life of less than 2 weeks to at least 8 weeks.
The trend from the two tests can be seen in the graph below.



The installation of the COMPACT solution will reduce the duct cleaning maintenance on the whole system for the two restaurants in the Railway Station from twice a year down to only once a year.

The filters installed in the duct extraction replaced as frequently as 26 times each year will only be replaced 6 to 7 times per year. Balanced with the maintenance of the COMPACT units, this is a tremendous reduction in maintenance that the client will benefit from.

On a 5-years basis, the cost-saving is estimated to be 29.5% on the whole maintenance of extraction! 

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